our story

As plant-based eaters for the last 20 years, we continue to experience how nourishing our bodies with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds has enriched and transformed our lives and our family’s life. Eating for nourishment is a commitment and we have a passion for taking great care of ourselves while helping others on their journey.

fun facts


Our foods and dishes are made with love, lots of organic foods, minimal to no oils, all natural sweeteners (maple syrup, dates, coconut, stevia, monk fruit, agave, honey), and best of all fruits and vegetables. Our team is here to serve and create a nourishing space for you. We invite you to our table and look forward to seeing you soon. Welcome, friend(s)!


We Believe:





We are positive and joyful. We thrive in creating nourishment. We are service oriented through caring for ourselves and others. We collaborate with community to better the world around us.

pay it forward

We care about our community and the planet. From the dishes, to recycling, composting, we have been thoughtful about what we are creating and how it will impact the environment. We also care for the greater Omaha community and our collective health. We will be a catalyst to create common ground for improved eating and health practices in our schools, hospitals, and common places.